Coronavirus, Amra Dzeko: “Here’s what we do during isolation”

ROME- Isolation to avoid coronavirus infection is not always boring, you just need to know how to organize yourself.

To prove it is Amra, Edin Dzeko's wife, during an interview with Bosnian magazine Bonjour.
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“You would think we are getting bored in quarantine, but in reality time is running out. It is important for children to spend time together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – admitted Amra to the Bosnian magazine Bonjour -.

We try to turn daily activities into small special rituals. We also have a bunny, recently we put him in the garden, where he is happier.

We take a carrot or lettuce every morning and feed it together. This is a ritual for us.

We try to make those ordinary things that we might not notice in our daily and turbulent lives more meaningful and important for their day.

At the same time we try to send important messages, we teach children to take care of others, we teach them love for animals, for the environment, for everything around them, and these days, especially for the family.

We always train together, they just love it. They also prepare for training and also have equipment.

Yesterday we stayed in the garden for half a day and we trained. We make some obstacles for them too: they have to jump, take a break, also train and play.

It's good for them and me, and daddy joins. We cook enough together, we also prepared a healthy strawberry ice cream. I took those ice cream molds from Ikea a couple of years ago.

In the mixer, we mixed strawberries, some almond milk and a banana. We also make pancakes. They get the most out of this and that's how I enjoy them while I cook.

Sofia has many obligations, she even told us that it is more difficult for her now than when she goes to school: she gives lessons online and constantly has the tasks she has to present at a certain moment.

For example, yesterday he did not leave the room because he had so much to learn, and after hours he had to finish studying and revising some tutorials and then participate in a video call with the class and the professor.

The weather is nice, so there are many options for playing outdoors and in the courtyard.

We also have two dogs, so let's play with them. We try to find something new interest every day without too much effort.

I see it means so much to the children that we are all together 24 hours.

Sometimes we get up late, play games or try to spend the evening like in the cinema. The other night we fell asleep on the sofa during the movie. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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