Coronavirus, Ambra Angiolini: “Quarantine far from Allegri …”

BRESCIA- How is the Ambra Angiolini coronavirus quarantine going through ? Far from Massimiliano Allegri but with his children in tow.

The former Juventus coach, who is expected to start next year from the Premier League, is spending the coronavirus quarantine in Livorno with his young son and dad.

To reveal it is the same actress during an interview with Renato Franco for Here are some of his statements to

Allegri and I are old-fashioned, rather than video calls, we prefer simple calls.

Massimiliano is in Livorno with his dad and young son as it should be. We have complicated lives: we all come from a family we belong to and when such a case arises the first affects dominate everything else.

This is also a way to grow up in love … once I was not so wise.

How did my day start? The alarm clock is at 7 because Jolanda has lessons every day: she makes a public high school, the Leonardo, very organized, six hours of lessons also on Saturdays and there is never a teacher to the appeal.

The first thing to check is if the connection is not blocked, then I start cleaning – I am a maniac – and I combine disinfection with physical activity.

While slamming blankets and rugs, I try to do squats and push-ups and to be of help to a body that in this period ingests food abnormally than usual. The problem for everyone will be to go through that door when they reopen it … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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