Coronavirus, Acerbi: “Understandable panic. Never been afraid of dying “

ROME – Francesco Acerbi , defender of Lazio and the Italian national team, made a live broadcast on Instagram to make his fans feel close to him.

During this live broadcast, as it is inevitable, we talked above all about the coronavirus and its implications for football.

During this broadcast, Acerbi spoke of the bad evil he defeated to explain that he was never afraid of dying.

So he doesn't have this fear even now that coronavirus is expanding forcefully around the world.

As for the controversy over the immediate or postponed recovery of the championship, albeit behind closed doors, Acerbi is less extreme than Lotito …

Acerbi understands the drama that is going through the country and is willing to wait. In the meantime, he is not on vacation …

The central defender is keeping fit through training in his home in Rome.

His statements during the live Instagram are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"I've never been afraid of dying (referring to the testicular cancer that hit him years ago, editor's note) – When will we go back to playing? Just look around to understand.

It is normal that there is a little panic, hasty decisions cannot be made. Let's see how it goes and when it gets better we will draw conclusions. Now the important thing is to keep fit, even if playing together is another thing ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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