Coronavirus, Acerbi against Lotito: “Better a week more at home than falling back into the tunnel …”

ROME – Francesco Acerbi distances himself from Claudio Lotito. The central defender of Lazio and the Italian national team is not in the same hurry as its president to return to training.

Acerbi was clear during an interview with "Better to stay a week longer at home than to fall back into the tunnel …".

In short, for Lotito the team must go back to training immediately, despite the threat posed by the coronavirus still exists, while for Acerbi it takes more prudence.

Acerbi is cautious: “Coronavirus? Better an extra week at home … ".

“The rules imposed by the government must be respected: it is better to stay at home for an extra week than to hurry to start everything up and then find ourselves in the tunnel for other months. The priority is to get out of this terrible period.

Dad? It was very sad to see him alone in empty Rome, and pray in the rain in a deserted Piazza San Pietro.

There maybe I made even better the drama we are experiencing. So many dead, too many. We must have respect for them and for the doctors, for the nurses, for those who are at the forefront of this battle.

The worst thing for me is this hybrid situation. Uncertainty causes malaise.

You don't know when he will pass, when he will return to the field. As a push for the people, as a sign of confidence, it would be important to resume the championship: you can also play in August, behind closed doors "(source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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