Coppa Italia, Napoli-Inter: the San Paolo benches with alternating places

NAPLES – Everything is ready for the Italian Cup return semifinal between Napoli and Inter.

Who will face Juventus in the final? We will find out in a few hours.

But in the meantime, let's talk about the anti-coronavirus safety rules applied at the San Paolo stadium.

The changing rooms and other rooms of the Campania sports facility have been ventilated and sanitized in a maniacal way.

The benches will be in alternate places to guarantee social distancing ( here the photo ).

In other words, you can sit one seat yes and the other no.

A scheme similar to that of cinema and other public places.

Football in the time of the coronavirus, in our country we start with the Italian Cup.

Italian football restarts with the Italian Cup after a stop of over three months.

Italy starts playing again after Germany and Spain but before England.

All matches will be played behind closed doors , without fans it will be a limp kick but it is inevitable in the coexistence phase with the coronavirus.

The players, as well as all the members of the teams, have learned to live with all the anti-coronavirus safety rules.

Players are monitored continuously with swabs on swabs.

All structures, from training to stadiums, are sanitized and ventilated in a maniacal way.

Teams will play practically every two days which is why the number of substitutions allowed has risen to five per team.

The calendar is already exhausting and for this reason the extra times have been abolished both for the semifinals and for the Italian Cup final.

In the event of a tie at the end of the ninety minutes of play, penalties will be taken.

A referee's decision can only be protested remotely and only the team captain can do so.

So we should no longer see the players who surround the referee to condition him.

You will be able to celebrate after a goal scored but without hugs which are categorically prohibited.

Perhaps even our players will rejoice by giving their elbows like in Germany.

Spitting is strictly prohibited because a sick footballer could infect many others in this way.

And then there are many other great little nuances that we will learn about during these particular games behind closed doors at the time of covid 19.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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