Copa Libertadores, River triumphs in Madrid: 3-1 at Boca, Quintero’s show

Copa Libertadores, River trionfa a Madrid: 3-1 al Boca, show di Quintero

Copa Libertadores, River triumphs in Madrid: 3-1 at Boca, Quintero's show

MADRID (SPAIN) – River Plate won the Copa Libertadores 2018 . In the return of the final, played in Madrid , Boca Juniors was defeated 3-1 after extra time. The regulatory times had been completed on 1 to 1.

It begins with applause for everyone, even – if not above all – for Leo Messi, one of the countless VIP-players present in the Santiago Bernabeu and ends with the River Plate in the middle of the delirium together with their fans. A 'fiesta' that mixes with the tears of the Boca Juniors players, defeated but not tamed on the 4 'and 15' of the second extra time, first by a great goal by Juan Quintero, then by the 3-1 final of Martinez.

Copa Libertadores, River triumphs in Madrid: 3-1 at Boca, Quintero's show

Copa Libertadores, River triumphs in Madrid: 3-1 at Boca, Quintero's show

And to say that Boca had even gone ahead, dreaming for a large part of the first regulatory time. The South American 'Superclasico', which ended 2-2 on the field of the 'Xeneizes', in the absolutely unprecedented return on the ground of the Bernabeu in Madrid, ends 3-1 for the 'Milionarios' of the River, which home the fourth Libertadores, after those of 1986, 1996 and 2015.

A deserved triumph because, after a good first half, Boca has crumbled, ending up playing in numerical inferiority (expulsion of Barrios) the extra 30 '. In the first half Boca prevails on the River, as confirmed by the only ball-goal of the match wasted by the 'guests' on the development of a free kick, and the goal of the advantage.

At 31 'the barrier rejects and the ball ends up on the feet of Pablo Pérez that right is diverted the conclusion; Nandez, a few meters from the door, can not draw a trajectory with the ball, which ends to the side. The goal of the advantage signed the 44 'Dario Benedetto, which is still center finalizing a deadly counter-attack of Boca Juniors: the' pipe '(tube) exceeds Armani after an assist in the vertical of Nahitan Nandez.

At 3 'of the second the River manages to carve out the first opportunity: Pratta triggers Fernandez, whose conclusion goes out. Questionable episode on 10 ', after a contact in the Boca area between the goalkeeper Andrada and Pratto: the referee decides for the offensive foul of the player of the River. That grows and at 22 'Lucas Pratto signs the same, after a triangle Palacios-Fernandez, with a big right that beats Andrada.

Nothing happens until the extra times, which start with the expulsion (double yellow) of Wilmar Barrios, who leaves Boca outnumbered. And they continue with the goal of victory achieved by Quintero on the 4 'of the second extra with a left from outside the area, which caresses the crossbar and bag behind Andrada.

In the final there is only space for an outside pole of Jara del Boca and for 3-1 of Gonzalo Martinez, who goes off guard and puts the ball in the empty door, since Andrada had brought forward. The party can begin, but only for the River.

The highlights of the match

Martinez closes the final

Overtaking the River with Quintero

Draw the River with Pratto

Boca took the lead with this goal by Benedetto

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