Copa Libertadores at risk, Boca Juniors does not want to play

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Copa Libertadores at risk, Boca Juniors does not want to play

BUENOS AIRES – "The final of the Copa Libertadores is poised" headlines this morning La Nacion on its online edition. "Is it played or recourse?" Olé echoes her.

There is still nothing certain in Buenos Aires, where tonight at 21 Italian is scheduled to kick off the beginning of River Plate-Boca Juniors , final return (2-2 the first round at 'Bombonera') postponed yesterday for the clashes occurred outside the Monumental , with the 'Xeinezes' bus attacked by the 'Millionarios' fans with a dense throwing of stones, stinging gases and tear gas so that six Boca players were strongly intoxicated and vomited in the locker room while two others, Gonzalo Lamardo and captain Pablo Perez, were forced to go to the hospital and are in strong doubt for the eventual challenge.

This is why their teammates, with Carlitos Tevez in the lead, are resisting after their president Daniel Angelici has agreed with the number one of the River Rodolfo D'Onofrio and the head of Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez, the simple postponement of the race the next day. "Why do not they give the Cup directly to the River considering the weight it has in Conmebol?", Tevez himself ironically while the Boca executives are still evaluating with their lawyers the steps to follow and President Angelici would have assured his team anyway the desire to appeal in case of defeat by asking for a table victory.

And if the River is opposed to the possibility that in the end you play behind closed doors , the South American Federation has assured via Twitter by the mouth of its president that efforts will be doubled to ensure the public order and safety of players and fans: "It is It was a very sad day for South American football. Conmebol strongly urges the competent authorities to take immediate action and offers its collaboration to identify, capture and prosecute those responsible for yesterday's violence. These episodes can not go unpunished. Those responsible must remain within the margins of the law and outside the company. I invite all South American players to set as a priority the union of efforts to identify, understand and combat the causes and acts of violence that cast shadows on our football. La Conmebol – adds Dominguez – asks to live a final in peace, respecting for rivals and showing the best face of South America in the world. We invite all enthusiasts to share the values ​​of Fair-play ".

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