Conte-Capello, quarrel on Sky after Napoli-Inter: “Just say that we are defending and counter-attack …”

Conte-Capello, lite su Sky dopo Napoli-Inter: "Basta dire che facciamo difesa e contropiede..."

Antonio Conte in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – Lite between Antonio Conte and Fabio Capello in the post match of Napoli- Inter on Sky Sport. The former Roma and Juventus coach, who works at Sky Sport as a commentator, said that Inter's victory was the result of a strong defense and a deadly counterattack.

Conte did not accept this explanation of the game and used rather strong tones to protest Capello: “Mister, what are you saying? But what defense and counter-attack? The team always knows what to do, always has the game. Enough, the matches must be seen, just trivialize our football as a defense and a counter-attack ".

The following is Antonio Conte's outburst to Sky Sport's microphones in the post match between Napoli and Inter: “Mister, what in the spaces? This is a team that always knows what to do. Because you always have to trivialize that we restart. This team plays by heart. Fortunately, the opponents fear us unlike you who watch the games and say these things … the games must be seen …

You want to pass the message that the team defends itself low, then starts on the counterattack and wins. Instead it is not so. Because my team always tries to get the ball in the game, is aware of its means and knows what to do. Other than deadbolt and counterattack … We have to analyze the games seriously.

The opponents are still strong, football is invented in the last thirty meters but everything else is studied in detail during the training sessions of the week. There are strong and talented players but there is also a lot of study during the week. For my part but also for my opponents.

Lukaku? Lukaku is a blowjob … I have heard of all colors, it is better that you keep saying so because it brings good. If we go backwards, they had the courage to say this too … now everyone gets on the cart, but they attacked him in every way … however Lukaku and Lautaro, who are doing very well, can improve … ".

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