Conor McGregor retires. Shows, arrests and millions of dollars: MMA loses its symbol

Conor McGregor si ritira. Show, arresti e milioni di dollari: MMA perde suo simbolo

Conor McGregor retires. Shows, arrests and millions of dollars: MMA loses its symbol (Photo ANSA / AP Photo / John Locher, File)

DUBLIN – The UFC star (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Conor McGregor retires from the octagon: the same 30 year old mixed martial arts champion (MMA) announced on his Twitter account. McGregor had risen to world sporting headlines in 2017, thanks to the meeting-show with former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather: a lost match due to a technical knockout, but he earned tens of millions of dollars.

Last year, beaten in Las Vegas by the Dagestan Khabib Nurmagomedov in the UFC 229 event, he had failed to regain the weight lightweight world champion's belt. Then, in the last two years, even trouble with the justice that led him to prison twice.

Conor McGregor withdraws, all disputes

In the summer of 2016 he became the protagonist of a heated exchange of tweets on Twitter with WWE wrestlers.
On 10 November 2017, Charlie Ward, McGregor's training partner, made his MMA debut at the Bellator 187 event, held in Dublin, winning by KO against John Redmond: McGregor, to celebrate, entered the octagon by stepping over the net before that the referee could verify the conditions of Redmond, generating a fight with the federation staff.

The following November 29, McGregor, in a pub in Dublin, assaulted a man who later found himself very attached to the powerful trafficker Graham Whelan of the Kinahan cartel. The Irish mafia asked McGregor 900,000 euros (1,400,000 dollars) to settle the matter.

On April 5, 2018 McGregor, along with Simone Mameli and about twenty other people on his staff, assaulted in the underground parking lot of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn the bus that housed some UFC fighters who on April 7 would fight at the UFC event 223: in particular the Irishman threw a cart against a window of the vehicle injuring his colleagues Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg.

He later joined the police and was released after paying a bail of $ 50,000. The cause of the gesture is to be found in the fact that the coach housed Khabib Nurmagomedov who a few days earlier together with some of his intimate friends had had a serious confrontation with Artem Lobov, a friend of McGregor, regarding some of his media statements.

sources: Ansa and Wikipedia.

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