Confusion Juventus: Sarri, Pochettino, Guardiola, Mourinho. Who will be the next technician?

Confusione Juventus: Sarri, Pochettino, Guardiola, Mourinho. Chi sarà il prossimo tecnico?

Confusion Juventus: Sarri, Pochettino, Guardiola, Mourinho. Who will be the next technician? Photo

TURIN – Only one thing is certain about Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri will not be the Juventus coach for next season because he received the sack by Andrea Agnelli & co. A few days ago a head-to-head match seemed to emerge between Maurizio Sarri (all the favorite) and Simone Inzaghi but in the last hours other more authoritative candidates have sprung up like Mauricio Pochettino, Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho. Let's analyze the situation in detail.

Juventus, the point of the situation on the various coaches combined with the Bianconeri.

MAURIZIO SARRI – Chelsea are not convinced to confirm the Italian coach because the relationship between the former Napoli coach and the fans has never taken off. However the results speak for him. He reached three finals, that of the Europa League still to be played, and brought the team back into the Champions League after a year of absence. It is Andrea Agnelli's favorite profile among Italian technicians.

MAURICIO POCHETTINOCoach's cousin, Daniele, dropped the bomb on "I think Mauricio may be a viable hypothesis – said the Spurs manager's cousin -, he proved to be a coach able to work well and the Champions League final won with Tottenham is the clearest example. As is known, the goal of Juve is clearly the Champions League: my cousin has all the qualities to successfully train this club. Compared to other coaches who have been cited and who are approached on the Juventus bench (Inzaghi and Sarri, ed), Mauricio has shown he has the right experience to be able to train in Europe.

At Tottenham he was able to forge a group of singles that was not so well known. His coaching style is similar to that of Conte, he makes his winning weapons of competition and intensity. Juve is looking for a winning profile and Mauricio is. The Juventus company has always decided for the best and we are pleased that a Pochettino is approached to a club like this. The whole family would like to see him in black and white ”.

PEP GUARDIOLA – The Spanish coach has excluded himself from the race for the Juventus bench, also responding decisively to an English journalist: "How many times do I have to tell you? I repeat it for the umpteenth and last time. I will not go to Turin, I will not coach Juventus. I will stay at Manchester City ". And he has good reasons to do so as the English club has just proposed him a renewal of 23 million euros per season. However, Radio Sportiva announced with great pomp: "Guardiola will be the next Juventus coach". We'll see.

JOSE 'MOURINHO – The Portuguese coach is a historic enemy of Juve (not that Sarri is outdone …) but he is sponsored by two big-name pieces like Jorge Mendes and Cristiano Ronaldo. The opinion of Cr7 is very heavy and Andrea Agnelli would be thinking of the former coach of the Inter treble to return to winning in Europe.

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