Commisso replies to Gasperini: “My son threatened by Atalanta fans”

Commisso replica a Gasperini: "Mio figlio minacciato dai tifosi dell'Atalanta"

Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso (photo ANSA)

ROME – Rocco Commisso wanted to respond to Gasperini's accusations regarding the insults received by Fiorentina fans and reported on TV by the Atalanta coach. The president of the Tuscan club, with a spicy press release, replied to the coach recalling the insults suffered by Federico Chiesa in Bergamo (after some statements by Gasperini against the attacker) and the threats addressed to his son during the last championship match .

“I read and heard very harsh and offensive words towards Fiorentina fans both by Gasperini and by President Percassi. I was told that after Gasperini's statements on Chiesa last year, our player in Bergamo was insulted throughout the game. My son and Joe Barone this year in Parma in the league against Atalanta have been insulted and even threatened in the stands but nobody has said or done anything , except to blame the service staff. I gave Percassi's son our utmost hospitality and stayed with him for a long time. Before talking about the fans of the other teams and Fiorentina in particular, I think it is right to look at what happens in your own home, where even after the bad episode of racist chants against Dalbert, the comments in the Atalanta home were not strongly condemned and without any procrastination. Fiorentina fans must be respected ". (source: ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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