Commissioner removes Chiesa from the transfer market and stings Juventus: “Champions never win …”

Calciomercato Juventus, Chiesa, Commisso: non lo cedo, non vincono mai Champions

Church with Fiorentina shirt. Commissioner does not want to sell it to Juventus during this transfer market (photo Ansa)

NEW YORK – Fiorentina's owner, Rocco Commisso, met Federico Chiesa reiterating the club's desire not to sell it in this transfer market window. The confrontation between the Italian-American tycoon and the player, long under fire from Juventus, took place in New York, where the purple team is to dispute the third match of the International Champions cup: a match against the Benfica Portuguese on Wednesday.

Shortly before, Chiesa had requested the transfer to the right arm of Commisso, Joe Barone, receiving a sharp "no". The new American property does not want to start its experience at Fiorentina with the sale of the strongest player of the viola rosa to the bitter rivals of Juventus.

Calciomercato, Commisso warns Juventus: "Church is not for sale". Then the arrow: "They never win the Champions …".

"I said it from day one, the intention to hold it is there and I think I will – the violet patron said – When I bought Fiorentina, I bought the whole team, not just one player."

And Baron, who today had an interview with the boy, gives him a hand: "With Federico there are no problems, we said it from the first day that he is a Fiorentina player and that he will stay here. Rocco also said it, we must end it with this story, the team must have the chance to go ahead with the withdrawal, we need stability ”.

As Il Corriere dello Sport writes, the confirmation of Chiesa is also a message to Juventus , given on the player's tracks.

"I also said it a few years ago, it's not good if Juventus always wins in Italy, they should also win outside Italy and instead when he plays in the Champions League he returns home empty-handed – the joke reserved by Commisso to the bianconeri – Italian football must be more balanced and maybe, in a few years, even Fiorentina can win something "(sources Ansa and Il Corriere dello Sport in collaboration with Italpress).

The Commisso article takes away Church from the transfer market and stings Juventus: "Champions never win …" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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