Closed gyms for coronavirus, fitness goes online

Palestre chiuse per il coronavirus, il fitness diventa online

Closed gyms for coronavirus, fitness goes online

ROME – Lovers of fitness and bodybuilding on the verge of a nervous breakdown for the closure of gyms and swimming pools for the Coronavirus emergency? Paid apps to download and workouts to do at home made available on social networks or group chats by large and small centers: it is sport at the time of Coronavirus.

With specialized shops stormed and record sales of mats, elastic bands, kettlebells, dumbbells and everything you need for a perfect home workout. And there are those who, in addition to not "abandoning" the fitness addicted customer, suspend their annual passes during the forced closure period. Social groups therefore become virtual gyms where coaches post tutorials to explain users' exercises and customers respond with photos and videos of their daily sport.

A way to continue being together respecting the prohibitions and trying to recover a semblance of normality. To mobilize to ensure that everyone, even at this moment, can train are the large gyms such as Virgin, which posts Pilates, yoga and functional lessons on instagram and Ig TV to follow from home.

But also the smaller centers, such as that of Luca Terracchio, a Palermo coach who deals with women's training, who also gives customers on loan the tools to use within the home. In compliance with the rules, however: to have them and collect them you will have to book thus avoiding interest.

"I could not imagine my days without sport – explains Terracchio that every day he posts the work-out of the day in the Fb group of his students with tutorials to correctly perform the exercises – And I want my students also not to renounce their moment of physical activity, so I suggest them to do a workout at home. And then in a time of difficulty like this, it is essential to support each other. Making my clients feel my presence is a duty as a professional and as a human being ".

"Not for nothing – he says – on the blackboard where I generally write workouts for my students it says giving up is not an option". It offers outdoor training in compliance with the safety and weather distances permitting, the Ween Center of Valentina Marchese and Antonio Barcolloni.

"And for those who prefer to stay at home – explains Giulia Noera, swimming champion – it is possible to follow the lesson via skype or live wa".

Meanwhile, in the specialized shops there is the rush to grab the home fitness equipment. "We have run out of stocks for many items, from mats to dumbbells," they explain in Melilli's Decathlon center, which increased sales by 284% compared to the same period last year.

To give a good example in the sign of "I stay at home" are also national athletes such as the Olympic florist Elisa Di Francisca, who avoids training in the gym preferring to continue physical training directly at home. "I talked to my personal trainer and used a room to exercise and not sit still," he says. (ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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