Claudio Ferretti is dead, historical voice of All football minute by minute

ROME – The journalist Claudio Ferretti died in Rome. He was 77 years old.

Ferretti began his career on Rai in 1963 as a radio commentator and in 1966 he became a historic voice on the radio program All football minute by minute.

Ferretti, however, also took care of commenting as an envoy to other sports such as cycling and boxing.

Among his other successful columns and programs, Anni Azzurri and Telesogni. Multifaceted and curious, he was also the author with Barbara Scaramucci of an appreciated book on the history of Rai.

The Gazzetta dello Sport writes :

After Ameri, Ciotti and Provenzali, with the death of Ferretti, an era of the transmission most loved by Italians ends. Ferretti follows football, athletics, boxing (his the radio of the first match between Welcome and Monzon), but cycling always remains in his heart: from the motorcycle he tells the final challenge between Bertoglio and Galdos, on the Stelvio, during the last stage of the Giro of Italy in 1975, and then returned to the Giro from 1998 to 2000 as conductor of the Stage Process, invented by Sergio Zavoli.

In 1988 Claudio Ferretti went on to television, conducted TG 3 and later programs like It's almost a goal (with Sandro Ciotti), Anni Azzurri, Telesogni and L'una italiana. (Sources: Ansa, La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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