Claudio Caniggia attacks De Rossi: “Al Boca on vacation …”

Claudio Caniggia attacca De Rossi: "Al Boca in vacanza..."

Claudio Caniggia criticized Daniele De Rossi: "He came to Boca on vacation, he had already stopped in Rome" (photo Ansa)

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – Daniele De Rossi has been welcomed as savior of his homeland in Argentina but the Italian footballer has disappointed practically everyone because he has hardly ever taken the field and when he did he did not shine. Among his haters, there is also the former Roma striker Claudio Caniggia.

Claudio Caniggia: "The truth is that De Rossi had already stopped in Rome".

The statements of the former Argentine striker, who played 74 games with Boca and scored 32 goals, were reported by Corriere dello Sport. “De Rossi came to Argentina on vacation – his words on Argentine TV Channel 26 -. Obviously he had already retired after his farewell to Rome.

His intent was to play for a while longer, but he was unable to because of physical problems. Playing Boca is not easy. He was injured, he returned but if you are not a player with ten years less the return is more complicated. You no longer play only for the appointment you take with you. That's why I think he retired after Roma. "

In fact, after a few months Daniele De Rossi decided to stop playing football and he too admitted that he had given the real farewell to football at the last match with the Roma shirt.

With the Boca shirt, De Rossi has played just seven games scoring only one goal. Now De Rossi is embarking on his career as a coach, following in the footsteps of his father who has been the manager of the Primavera Giallorossa for years.

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