Claudia Lai, Nainggolan’s wife with cancer: “For coronavirus I can’t find drugs for my treatments”

Claudia Lai, moglie di Nainggolan malata di cancro: "Per il coronavirus non trovo farmaci per le mie cure"

Claudia Lai, wife of Nainggolan cancer patient: "For coronavirus I can't find drugs for my treatments" (Instagram photo)

CAGLIARI – Claudia Lai, companion of Radja Nainggolan who has been fighting a bad disease for months, wanted to write a post on Instagram about the coronavirus. This is a very complicated moment for Lai and for all other cancer patients because their immune barriers are very low and there is a shortage of very important drugs.

Here is the post published on Instagram by Claudia Lai Nainggolan: “Great solidarity with all doctors and all operators in the oncological area who, alongside all healthcare workers, are facing or preparing to face the health emergency caused from the coronavirus.

The moment is difficult for us cancer patients and beyond. To date, I find myself not finding important drugs for my treatments and, like me, who knows how many people are in the same situation. It is inevitable to contract any type of disease since we have zero immune defenses. It seems to me like a dream … "

A few days ago, Claudia Lai Nainggolan had released the following statements to the Gazzetta dello Sport: “All these treatments have caused me several problems … Heart, low immune defenses, osteoporosis and others caused by forced menopause. Thank God I already have two beautiful little girls, because I will no longer be able to have children. ”

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