City-Tottenham, splendid match: 5 goals in 21 minutes, then VAR decisive

City-Tottenham, partita splendida: 5 gol in 21 minuti, poi VAR decisivo

City-Tottenham, splendid match: 5 goals in 21 minutes, then VAR decisive. Photo EPA / NEIL HALL

MANCHESTER – Everything happened in Manchester City-Tottenham. The match ended with a 4-3 result for City, this result qualified Tottenham in the Champions League semi-finals thanks to a 1-0 victory in London. But this match cannot be trivialized like this. After eleven minutes, the game was 2-2, after twenty-one minutes the match was 3-2 for the City.

Var validates goals from Llorente and cancels Sterling's net.

It was a spectacular match in all, the two teams played the attack without defending practically anything. In the first half Tottenham lost the median Sissoko through injury and Pochettino replaced him with a center forward, Llorente, who then scored the goal of the qualification. A brave move that rewarded the Argentinian coach of Tottenham. After this first half full of goals and emotions, in the second half the var.

The match was refereed by the Turkish Cakir who was assisted by a var room formed by the Italian arbitrators Irrati and Guida. At 74 ', the Turkish whistle consulted the var to assign the goal of the qualification to Tottenham. Network that was marked by Llorente in a dubious way. Did you mark with your hand with your hip? Even after two thousand replays it is difficult to establish but Cakir assigned the network to Tottenham because the Spanish striker has his arms close to his body.

At 93 ', the City believed it had scored the qualifying goal, that of the incredible 5-3. Guardiola had already celebrated going to the stands but … here's the var again! After consulting the action on the monitor, referee Cakir noticed how Aguero was offside at the time of the decisive assist for Sterling's goal and he canceled the network at Manchester City. At that point the celebrations of the opponents started, of Tottenham that will face Ajax in the Champions League semifinals.

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