“Ciro Ferrara is dead”: and he answers the fake news

"Ciro Ferrara is dead": and so he responds to the fake news

"Ciro Ferrara is dead": and he answers the fake news

ROME – They had given him up for dead on the social media so, Ciro Ferrara , ex player of Naples and Juventus, was forced to deny the fake news. "Some crowds on Facebook wrote that Ciro Ferrara died. I wanted to reassure my friends and relatives: you still have to put up with me, "he said in a story on Instagram. The former defender also enjoyed adding a picture of the women's national team match and a plate of pasta eaten on the boat.

A video message published on Instagram stories that show him on a boat trip to Procida. Ciro Ferrara also met Giulio Golia and made fun of him because "for the first time he paid for a coffee, leaving a suspended coffee in the bar", a typical Neapolitan tradition. (Source Instagram).

The article "Ciro Ferrara is dead": and he replies to the fake news that seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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