Ciccio Graziani is better: “My accident? Here’s what happened “

Ciccio Graziani progressively improving: “My accident? Here's what happened ”.

'The general conditions' by Francesco ' Ciccio' Graziani , 67, admitted to the San Donato hospital in Arezzo, "appear to be rapidly, progressively improving".

This is what is read in a note released by the South East Tuscany ASL "in full agreement with the person concerned".

The former world champion footballer, today television commentator, explains himself, “is hospitalized in the San Donato hospital in Arezzo, following a traumatic event. The patient is followed in a multidisciplinary way by the hospital professionals ".

Graziani, according to what he learned yesterday, was hospitalized in Arezzo due to the consequences of a domestic fall which occurred towards the end of last week: the former footballer reportedly suffered rib fractures.

The dynamics of the accident.

Ciccio Graziani explained the dynamics of his accident to TuttoSport microphones.

“I had to fix a hole. I climbed an extendable ladder, but then some hooks broke and I flew from a height of about 6-7 meters. I have 11 fractured ribs, but luckily I have no injured organs.

I also have 6 broken vertebrae, but with no damage to the spinal cord . I have a broken spleen, but maybe they don't have to take it out.

I was lucky enough to have fallen on my buttocks and back and not my head.

Fortunately there was no concrete under me, but synthetic grass. It went well for me ”(sources Ansa and TuttoSport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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