Ciccio Graziani falls from a ladder and fractures several ribs. Emergency admitted

Former footballer Ciccio Graziani falls from a ladder in his home in Arezzo. The former striker was rushed to hospital with several broken ribs.

A bad fall from the house staircase for Ciccio Graziani. Luckily it was just a big scare and today his condition is good.

Over the weekend the former bomber and coach Ciccio Graziani (now 67 years old), protagonist of the last championship of Toro in '76 and world champion in Spain '82, fell from a ladder in his home in Arezzo, causing his fracture of several ribs . Graziani is hospitalized in the Arezzo hospital: he stayed a couple of days in intensive care as a precaution, before moving to an ordinary ward.

Recently Ciccio Graziani had posted on Facebook a video that has gone viral in which he is intent on doing some construction work in the backyard. He had launched a dig at the players forced to train in the heat and play at unlikely times such as 9.45pm.

These are the words of the former striker:

“I have it with those who complain of having to play football at 5.15pm, 7.30pm and 9.45pm. It is from 8 that this concrete step has to be done. We are working to do it and to get it to its destination. If they came here to do these things, I say they would rather play football, sure. True, Roberto? What do you think? ”, Asks the former Roma player to the bricklayer.

"Are complaining. Look here Roberto: 66 years old, he retires in a few months. Tell me if a person like this still has to stay at work. They complain… it's too hot, they want cool, air conditioning. Here, guys, we start in the morning at 8 and finish at 18 in the evening, with this heat I say that if they came here they would prefer to play football, listen to me ”.

“And with this, guys, I greet you and thank you, because we still have to work here” concludes Ciccio Graziani. The video was recorded by his wife Susanna and posted on Facebook with the title "Work ennobles man!" (Source LA Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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