Ciccio Graziani: “Count? If he spoke to Mourinho he would say ‘zero tituli’ “

Ciccio Graziani attacks Conte: “He talks about the winners' chariot but he hasn't won anything”.

Ciccio Graziani lashed out at Antonio Conte during an interview with Radio Sportiva. Graziani pointed out how Conte closed the season with 'zero tituli' (to put it in Mourinho…).

The statements made by Ciccio Graziani to the microphones of Radio Sportiva are reported by L'Arena del calcio.

I like Flick and Tuchel because they are calm and thoughtful on the bench , they guide the players without exaggerating, because they are aware of having worked well before.

Coaches like Diego Simeone and Antonio Conte, on the other hand, I don't like because with their behavior on the bench they create pressure on the players and in the long run they become counterproductive.

“For a month and a half he has been making absurd requests , he says not to get on the winners' wagon but I 'm still looking for this wagon .

If he spoke to José Mourinho he would remind him that he won zeru tituli . I think he is an excellent coach , but sometimes he penalizes himself .

If I were President Zhang I would tell him : if you don't like the way things work here, sign the termination and go somewhere else . A coach cannot become the owner of a club ”(source L'Arena del calcio ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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