Christophe Pras died of coronavirus, the former rugby player was 35 years old

GRENOBLE (FRANCE) – The world of rugby is mourning the passing of Christophe Pras , a former player who was just 35 years old.

His disappearance was communicated by the Grenoble Rugby through the following press note: "Pras died of coronavirus ".

“FC Grenoble Rugby officialises, with a broken heart, the death of Christophe Pras at the age of 35 from coronavirus.

After finishing a successful career, with the shirts of CSBJ, Voiron and Bièvre, Pras started his coaching career.

Despite his young age, Pras has already driven Saint-Jean de Bournay and Bièvre .

Grenoble remembers him with great affection because his career as a coach started in our youth sector in the 2017-2018 season.

FC Grenoble Rugby is keen to send his sincere condolences to his wife, his two children, as well as all his family and loved ones. "

Coronavirus, rugby was the first sport to end the season.

Rugby was the first sport to permanently surrender to coronavirus for the current season.

The Federation has in fact approved the definitive suspension of the 2019-2020 season and also establishes the non-assignment of the titles of Campione d'Italia foreseen by the regulations and, at the same time, of all the promotion and relegation processes.

Fir also determined that the resumption of domestic activity for the 2020/21 season will subsequently be regulated by the Federal Council.

"In taking a decision that is unprecedented – reads in a note – the Council has taken the utmost consideration of the founding values ​​of Italian rugby and their active impact on civil society and clubs, with the aim of protecting health and the future of rugby players of all ages and levels in our country, their families and their communities; show how rugby is ready to respond ethically to the overall conditions of the country, severely challenged in terms of health and economics by epidemic events; allow clubs of all levels to operate with clarity regarding the activities planned in the coming months ".

The note points out that:

"Fir's attention is directed to companies, players, technicians and staff, managers, match officials and, more generally, to all the components of our movement and which, with a view to protecting them, will be launched in the coming weeks extraordinary support measures, in line with the indications of the government, cones, international bodies, with the need to maintain overall sustainability of the federal budget "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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