Christmas before Lazio-Udinese: “Me at Lazio? All done but Spalletti … “

Di Natale prima di Lazio-Udinese: “Io alla Lazio? Tutto fatto ma Spalletti…”

Christmas before Lazio-Udinese: "Me at Lazio? All done but Spalletti … "(photo Ansa)

ROME – A few hours from Lazio-Udinese , Totò Di Natale, former Udinese flag, revealed that he was close to the Lazio crossing when he was in Empoli. Lazio bought its attacking partner Tommaso Rocchi and tried to put Totò Di Natale under contract. The former Udinese striker was interviewed by Ramona Marconi for

Di Natale: "It was made with Lazio but Spalletti opposed it".

Here are Di Natale's statements to Ramona Marconi for "I played with Empoli and there was the chance to take us to Lazio together or Belleri thanks to Rocchi. But in the end Spalletti refused to let me go and armored me at Udinese. However I know Lotito well and when I meet him I stop to talk to him very willingly. She is a president who brought Lazio to important levels.

Is Ciro Immobile struggling at this stage of the season? We are talking about a striker who has already made 14 goals, not 4. I believe he is an important player, a player from Lazio, and I am sure that from now until the end of the year, he will do very well. For us attackers it works like this: there is the year that you can do everything and make so many goals, years that you struggle. He has already shown himself to be a great striker and must stay calm. The company values ​​it, the fans also ".
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The Christmas article before Lazio-Udinese: "Me at Lazio? All done but Spalletti … " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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