Christian Ziege: “When I played at Tottenham, I risked dying”

Christian Ziege ho rischiato di morire ai tempi del Tottenham ecco perché

Christian Ziege in a YouTube image

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Christian Ziege has always spoken little but when he does he leaves his mark. During an interview with the Daily Mail, the former Milan defender revealed that he risked dying at the time of Tottenham . Your statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"On December 26, 2002, my leg was practically dead. The thigh continued to swell and swell. I only found out after the blood got stuck between two layers of skin, it couldn't get out of nowhere. I didn't want to know about going to the hospital, not at Christmas. But thanks to God, my wife, seeing me in those conditions, insisted. When we arrived I lost consciousness.

The pressure had become very high throughout my body, I was struggling to survive. The doctors opened the leg with surgery and went down everything like a balloon. There was a big hole left, something had gone wrong. Even today it hurts me, but I consider myself lucky. Another 30 minutes and I would have had to amputate one leg to save myself. In those moments you realize that life is much more important than a game ”.

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