China, Lippi loses with Syria and resigns: “I earn a lot, just like that”

Cina Lippi ko con Siria si dimette guadagno tanto giusto così

China, Lippi in the photo Ansa

BEIJING (CHINA) – The adventure of Marcello Lippi at the head of China ends. The coach world champion with Italy in 2006 resigned from his post after the defeat of the Beijing national team against Syria (2-1), in Dubai, in a game valid for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.
The announcement, as reported by the Xinhua agency, was given by Lippi himself at the end of the meeting.

"Syria played better than us and deserved the victory – Lippi's words at the end of the match -, I know I have a high salary, very high indeed, I take responsibility for the defeat and that's why I decided to resign."
71-year-old Marcello Lippi took charge of the Chinese national team for the first time in 2016, before leaving the role in January of this year, when his contract expired after China's 3-0 defeat against Iran in the AFC Asian Cup.

In May, the winning coach of the World Cup was reconfirmed as technical coach of the Chinese team.
In the statement, the CFA also stated: "We are really sorry that the unsatisfactory results of the match disappoint all Chinese fans".

"The CFA will seriously reflect on the need to rebuild the team and we will give our best in the next World Cup qualifiers". China will face the Maldives in the next qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup in March 2020 (source: Ansa).

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