Chiellini: “The horrible foul of Sergio Ramos on Salah was a master stroke”

TURIN – Giorgio Chiellini 's autobiography continues to be discussed.

After the attacks on Mario Balotelli and Felipe Melo , which sparked a sea of ​​controversy, here is the sentence on Sergio Ramos's horrible foul against Salah.

But let's go in order and let's start from the hard attacks on his former teammates.

Chiellini called Balotelli a "negative person" referring to some precedents in the national team.

After the tough reply from Super Mario, the two team mates managed to make peace with the collaboration of the Hyenas.

Then the heavy quarrel with Felipe Melo defined by Chiellini as a "rotten apple".

The two have not yet made peace with Melo who accused Chiellini of being a coward.

Then the Brazilian reminded him of his most famous defeats against him ( Galatasaray-Juventus of Champions and Brazil-Italy of Confederations).

Today Chiellini has returned to be discussed for his praise for the Sergio Ramos foul that seriously injured Momo Salah .

The words of the Juventus defender are reported by

“Sergio Ramos is the strongest defender in the world.

He knows how to be decisive in important games, with interventions beyond any logic and causing injuries with diabolical cunning.

The one on Salah was a master stroke.

He, Maestro Sergio, has always said that it wasn't his intention to cause an injury, but when you fall that way and don't let go, you know that nine times out of ten you risk breaking your opponent's arm ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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