Chiellini live on Instagram: “I support Milan, after the European championship I could stop”

TURIN – Giorgio Chiellini revealed several background stories during a direct on Instagram with Martina Colombari.

First of all he made it known that at a young age he was a big AC Milan fan , then he said surprisingly that he could stop playing football after the European championship.

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“The affection that there is from a family property is an added value. The world is changing, adapting to other countries, but for us nostalgics who lived with Moratti, Berlusconi, Agnelli we saw a different love.

If I think back to Moratti's Inter, even if there was rivalry on the field, a great esteem was perceived for this person.

Just like Berlusconi's AC Milan: I don't hide it, I was a Rossoneri fan – reveals Chiellini -, and there was a family war with my twin brother who was from Juventus.

When I signed for Juventus in 2004, you can imagine the happiness of my brother and father.

“Next year I will try to understand how I am. I will see how I will feel, there is that at the end of next year I will be able to quit.

I would like to take a path in the world of football because it is my life. Ending with a great European would be ideal.

I hope to get there in excellent condition to live it great.

Guardiola? Right now he has something different from the others. In a documentary about him, I saw his charisma that makes him special.

For a player, the first two bets are enough to understand his size. I was not lucky enough to meet him, but you can see it from the outside.

Antonio Conte? The defender before him was intended only defensively. It was limited to passing by, to simple tasks.

With Conte the idea was born that the defender could set the game. He is a top coach, a person who has given me so much in his career.

In my career, he and Allegri are the ones I have experienced the most, and I joined them in a moment of great football maturity. They are the coaches who most changed me. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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