Chiellini and the first wrong impression on Pogba: “We thought he was a passing …”

TURIN – In his autobiography, Giorgio Chiellini also spoke of his former teammate Paul Pogba.

When this French kid came from United , Chiellini and his teammates thought he was one of many passing through .

But Pogba took just three or four days of pre-season retreat to show everyone his immense value.

Giorgio Chiellini's declarations are reported by

"I remember when he came to us: after three or four days of retreat, my companions and I looked at each other and said:

'Hey, but this is really cool!'.

He came from Manchester United as a free agent, he was very young and we thought he was one of many passing through, one of those that companies use to do a bit of the market.

Nobody expected such a champion.

Paul moved on the field with his incredible physique, he was magical, impressive.

And to say that the first games he played out of role, in front of the defense to rest Pirlo.

But knowing him, in the time to come it became clear that that role had been limiting, Paul could not open the stride and free his physical and technical arrogance, what would allow him to become the formidable 'all-round' that we know ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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