Championship stopped for coronavirus? Tuesday the decision

Campionato interrotto per il coronavirus? Martedì la decisione

Championship stopped for coronavirus? Tuesday the decision (Gravina in the photo Ansa)

ROME – Today's Serie A day was played for the broken headphones. Sports Minister Spadafora had asked for the suspension of the football championship after the closure of Lombardy and 14 provinces for the coronavirus , the FIGC had accepted his request but the Serie A League stumbled, demanding that the authorities say whether to play or not. So everything was postponed until Tuesday when an extraordinary council of the FIGC will be held.

Championship stopped for coronavirus. First yes and then no, the paradox of Parma-Spal.

Today was too late to stop the football bandwagon. The images of the footballers from Parma and Spal are viral on social networks, stopped at the last moment as they were about to take the field. Then their long wait in the locker room until the game starts at 13.45 (an hour and a quarter after the initial one which was expected at 12.30).

These two days will serve to bring the parties together towards an agreement. Although it won't be easy because there are very different positions. The sports minister asks for the immediate interruption of the championship, Damiano Tommasi, president of the Italian football association, is on his side.

The former Roma player has threatened a strike by the players if the league is not suspended. The FIGC has given its ok to the interruption of the championship but now there is League A to convince. According to League A, the institutions must declare whether or not to play, without leaving room for more or less personal evaluations.

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