Champions League, revolution since 2024? Rounds of 8, you play on the weekend …

champions league 2024

Champions League, how could it change from 2024: groups of 8, you play the weekend …

ROME – The news has almost come under track, but in the rooms of the power of European football, the features of a future revolution are emerging. A tournament, with the biggest European clubs, which will overshadow the national championships and especially the UEFA competitions.

According to recent rumors, the revolution is scheduled for 2024 . By virtue of what has been gathered by La Gazzetta dello Sport, we are working for a Champions League championship that could be played over the weekend. The famous Superlega that you often hear about but that has not yet had concrete feedback.

A revolution that would clearly shift the balance, providing more centrality to international competitions than national ones, with the obvious widening of the catchment area of ​​the weekend.

But how will this new Champions? First of all, we need to specify that from next season the teams under the Europa League will go to play from 2020-2021, a third European Cup.

This third cup is of fundamental importance in the subsequent architecture of the European cups. Those that will start from 2024 onwards. Champions League, Europa League and the new cup will become an equivalent of the series A, B and C at European level, with a mechanism of promotions and relegations and a super prize for the winner of the future third cup: the possibility to play the following year the Champions League as already happens now for those who win the Europa League.

From 2024 will also establish the number of participants in the three European cups. You will go from a minimum of 96 teams (32 per cup) to a maximum of 144 (48 per cup). The groups will be from six or eight teams . The numbers and criteria of promotions and retrocessions must also be established.

From what filters though in the Champions there will always be a fixed place for the top European clubs (historical ranking?).

The new European cups could assert their rediscovered importance disputing on Saturday and Sunday, days so far dedicated to the national championship. That would be relegated to Tuesday and Wednesday. This will probably be decided by televisions. The intent is to have a turnover higher than that of the main football tournament in the world, or the Premier League.

The new competition would also have the objective of protecting the physical integrity of the players , pushed more and more to the limit by the vertiginous rhythms of modern football. Rhythms that have led to a greater spread of injuries penalizing the clubs but especially the most important part of this sport, the show.

This is why the drastic decrease in the national matches would lead to an improvement in terms of safety and growth for the players' health and competitive continuity. Suffice it to say that in competitions such as the Premier League you can reach more than 53 total games played (between league and the two national cups) and over 43 games played in Germany. The same goes for Italy, which sees the clubs on average play a number of matches equal to the German model.

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