Champions League 2018 2019 Inter calendar: dates, times, where to see the matches

Calendario Champions Inter

Champions League 2018 2019 Inter calendar: date, time, where to see the matches

Champions League Calendar 2018 2019 Inter . Group B. The dates of the matches of 'Inter, schedules, where to see the matches of the Nerazzurri. Here all the info.

Ranking : Barcelona 9, Inter 6, Tottenham and Psv 1

First day – Tuesday 18 September at 18.55

Group B: Barcelona-Psv 4-0
Group B: Inter-Tottenham 2-1

Second day – Wednesday 3rd October at 9.00 pm

Group B: Tottenham-Barcelona 2-4
Group B: Psv-Inter 1-2

Third day – Wednesday, October 24th at 18.55

Group B: Psv-Tottenham 2-2

Third day – Wednesday, October 24 at 21.00

Group B: Barcelona-Inter 2-0

Fourth day – Tuesday, November 6 at 21.00

Group B: Tottenham-Psv
Group B: Inter-Barcelona

Fifth day – Wednesday, November 28th at 9.00 pm

Group B: Psv-Barcelona
Group B: Tottenham-Inter

Sixth day – Tuesday 11 December at 21.00

Group B: Barcelona-Tottenham
Group B: Inter-Psv

Where to see the Inter matches in the Champions League 2018 2019

The 2018 2019 Champions League will be broadcast by Sky Sport via satellite and by RAI which will be able to transmit in a clear (completely free) game a week. In streaming the Champions League matches will be visible on SkyGo (only for subscribers) and, when broadcast by RAI in clear, also on Rai Play.

Inter-Tottenham on Sky Sports
Psv-Inter on Sky Sports
Barcelona-Inter in clear on Rai
Inter-Barcelona on Sky Sports
Tottenham-Inter in clear on Rai
Inter-Psv on Sky Sports

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