Champions and UEFA, finals in August? The hypotheses on the table

ROME – In short: when will football restart? Or at least: when will the Champions League restart?

The UEFA Executive Committee will meet next week to try to save the European cups. Try to save. Even if, to tell the truth, the UEFA Executive Committee against coronavirus can do little.

At the moment, every solution seems to make little sense. What is the point of establishing a date now if this date will be moved in a week or two?

But UEFA has decided to try it anyway.

A few scattered dates .

The Europeans, it is known, have also been moved a year to try to end the national championships.

The hypothesis is to play the European cups in August. There is also some hypothesis of date:

Wednesday 26 August, in Gdansk (Poland), the Europa League final and Saturday 29 August, in Istanbul (Turkey), the Champions League final.

In the Champions League, Atalanta is already qualified in the quarterfinals, while Juventus have yet to dispute the return of the round of 16 against Lyon (1-0 for the French in the first leg) as well as Napoli against Barcelona (1-1 in the St. Paul).

Now all that remains is to wait. Wait for the next dates and the next hypotheses that, this is almost certain, will change over time. (Source: La Stampa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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