Ceres apologizes to Bruno Peres for questionable tweets against the Roma player

Ceres is very active on social networks. In her Twitter profile she often publishes provocative posts that go viral but with Bruno Peres she exaggerated and in fact she apologized.

Let's start from the beginning. A few days ago, Ceres posted a tweet with two photos, his beer and Bruno Peres. Then he wrote, in English, "Just send us this m …".

What did he mean? He alluded to the fact that several users make fun of Bruno Peres by renaming him 'Bruno Ceres'. So Ceres thundered on Twitter to say: "Don't send us word games anymore or make fun of the Roma player."

But he really went too far because he used the offensive words we just published. So today he decided to apologize by publishing the following press release which was also circulated by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We extend our most sincere apologies to As Roma Spa, to Brand Management Srl's Soccer Sas (brand licensee, ed) and to Bruno Da Silva Peres for the content of the tweet of 20 July which, contrary to our intentions, was inappropriate; as well as for the unauthorized use of the image, the AsRoma hallmark marks, as well as the image of its player. We show great respect for the team and for the sportsman. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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