Cellino foils a robbery: “They wanted to steal my watch. I kicked them. I was very angry “

They try to steal his watch, Cellino reacts and foils the robbery.

Massimo Cellino, the president of Brescia Calcio , saved the clock, but not the nasal septum:

“Not a fracture – he says – but the bone is cracked. I look like a boxer, I'm bloated and it hurts. A doctor came home and fixed it for me. "

“I was extremely angry. I hadn't even noticed that I had hurt myself.

I realized when I got home, from my wife's face when she saw me, that something was wrong.

I was all covered in blood on my face with some bruises and pain in my nose. I don't even remember when I was injured, if during the scuffle with one of the two or if I slammed into the car door.

I was so angry that I got into the car and left without even complaining. "

Everything happened on Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of a supermarket in Padenghe, on Lake Garda.

"He spoke in French – he explains -.

I had gone to the supermarket to buy 9-volt batteries for an electric guitar pedal. "

“I was in the car – he continues – and I saw one on the bike in front of me, with the helmet on the tank and the mask on his face, triggering the opening of the car also opened the mirrors and I saw another person arrive behind me, with helmet in hand.

I just had time to react, turn around and grab the helmet to avoid giving it to my head. "

“I managed to get closer and before he ran I hit him with a couple of kicks. He told me in French to stop. " (Source: Corriere della Sera ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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