Cavani VIDEO nasty foul on Neymar, “O’Ney” decides Brazil-Uruguay

Cavani VIDEO brutto fallo su Neymar, "O'Ney" decide Brasile-Uruguay

Cavani VIDEO nasty foul on Neymar, "O'Ney" decides Brazil-Uruguay

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Luxury friendly in London between Neymar's Brazil and Uruguay by Suarez and Cavani. At the Emirates Stadium a great show was seen, protagonists also many Italian players from the Juventino Douglas Costa to the Milanese Laxalt, from the other Bianconero Bentancur to the Vecino player.

He won the green line, with a goal scored on a penalty by Neymar just under 15 minutes from the end of the game. In the team of Tite has made its debut even the 'Neapolitan' Allan who has long been waiting for a convocation with the Brazilian national team, finally arrived after years of top performance with the shirt of Naples.

For the two technicians Tite and Tabarez it was a useful match especially to experiment and try new solutions, also in light of the numerous players unavailable for various injuries.

For Neymar the goal that gave the victory to his is also his 60th center with the Brazilian national team. The champion is getting closer and closer to Zico, the third green marker of all time, who scored 66 goals.

Neymar scores his goal n.60 with the Selecao jersey, Brazil beats Uruguay in the London friendly, but the particular that hits the attention is the tension on the pitch between the Brazilian striker and his Uruguayan team mate Psg, Cavani. This time there is not a penalty to beat, since the two champions play as opponents and therefore can not fight as it was a year ago; the shot from the spot touches Brazil and O Ney realizes it.

But before the decisive mark, Cavani had become the protagonist of a yellow card foul on the Brazilian, 'guilty' of having ridiculed him with a tunnel. The Uruguayan's apologies have made the situation worse, given the irritation in the Brazilian's reaction, with much of Cavani's hard-nosed reply. "What he said? I do not know, I did not listen to him … ", Neymar's mocking comment at the end of the match. "There are small episodes inside the camp that increase the temperature," Cavani said. "But they stay inside the field, when the game is over we come back cold and we consider them differently".

The problem is that Neymar and Cavani in the field will find themselves with the same shirt, that of the Psg, where for a year the relationships are very strong. So much to feed the voices of farewell now of one, now of the other. Meanwhile, however, Brazil discovers Allan.

The Napoli midfielder was at the first call; he took over from Renato Augusto and, to say all the Brazilian media, was the real positive surprise of Selecao, with its ability to speed up the game.

"Starting with this shirt is the dream I had as a child – his words at the end of the race – I entered the field and in front of me a film has passed a lifetime. I think I started off on the right foot. Now I keep my shirt: I want to give it to my wife who was in the stands ".

Cavani's bad foul on Neymar

The decisive goal of Neymar Uruguay

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