Catania, the player Ignazio Barbagallo is kidnapped in the helicopter field: joke ends with disqualification

Catania, il calciatore Ignazio Barbagallo viene rapito in campo da elicottero: scherzo finisce con squalifica

Catania, the footballer Ignazio Barbagallo is kidnapped in a helicopter field: a joke ends with disqualification (from YouTube)

CATANIA – Ignazio Barbagallo, 55 year-old soccer player from the City of Viagrande (Third category, Catania) has chosen a spectacular way to bid farewell to football . At the end of the game with the Nebrodi Play Shop, Friday 29 March, a helicopter took to the field and kidnapped him. Shortly after he revealed to his team mates that it was a joke. Barbagallo is famous in Catania for his jokes in the field and at work, where he takes care of the transportation of the spouses.

Catania, Ignazio Barbagallo: "I've always dreamed a goodbye to football like this".

The declarations of Ignazio Barbagallo are reported by in an article signed by Cosimo Cito: “20 years ago I had tried to say goodbye to football but the helicopter pilot saw the carabinieri in the field and got scared. This time everything was in order: I had requested and obtained authorizations from mayor and municipal police ”.

Due to this fake kidnapping, Ignazio Barbagallo was disqualified by the sports judge until June 30 and the Viangrande City field was disqualified until May 31st.

video source: YouTube / stipsyking2003, video by Simone Spitalieri, Riccardo Di Bella. In the description of the YouTube video is written what we report below: "Ignazio leaves the stage from the football played … in his own way. "Core Removing Finished Players" Ciccio Barbagallo and Vittorio Jemma. Directed by Simone and Riccardo. Editing Riccardo and Simone.
Shooting Simone Spitalieri, Michele Alì, Alessandro and Riccardo Di Bella, Carlo Platania and Santo Musumeci ".

The Catania article , the player Ignazio Barbagallo is kidnapped in the helicopter field: joke ends with disqualification seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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