Cassano: “In Italy there is no longer a number 10. Who was unpleasant to me? Delvecchio “

ROME – Antonio Cassano without filters with Paolo Bonolis and Lele Adani live on Instagram.

“In Italy there is no longer a number 10. Once upon a time there were Mancini, Roberto Baggio, Totti, me, Del Piero. Today football is going in a different direction, more of a race than of quality.

But, as Capello says, it is the great players that make the coaches great.

Among the technicians his favorite remains Bielsa : “He has ideas, personality. It improves the players, the other coaches think about the result, excluding Guardiola ".

About the young people of Serie A , Cassano has clear ideas: “Totti likes Tonali, a great meeting player of good quantity but he has to grow, he doesn't drive me crazy.

I like Castrovilli, he impressed me so much, then he is from Bari and I have to sponsor him … "

On the former teammates he makes a revelation: “The teammate I couldn't stand? There were many who were on my balls.

What I didn't like very much in Rome was Marco Delvecchio ".

Finally on football as an exercise in lies – Adani's philosophy – Cassano declares: “In his entire career Maggio has made 5 goals. In one season he made 12 of them with me. ”

“In football there was only 5% of liars: me, Totti, Riquelme, Pirlo. 95% cheated on their own, ”concludes Peter Pan. (source INSTAGRAM)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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