Case Insigne, speaks his brother Antonio: “He never spoke ill of Ancelotti …”

Insigne fratello Antonio Ancelotti non ha mai parlato male di nessuno

Insigne in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – After the declarations made by Aurelio De Laurentiis on Insigne, the brother of the soccer player Antonio intervened on the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo to clarify the relationship between the Napoli football player and Carlo Ancelotti .. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport :

"My wish is to celebrate the successes of both Roberto (under Benevento, ed) and Lorenzo. Beyond football, they are my brothers and I wish that at the end of the year they both rejoiced with the promotion in Serie A and the victory of the Scudetto.

It is the year in which Lorenzo can make a qualitative leap, there are the prerequisites for winning the championship even if we are a little distant from the first in the standings, but also Juve years ago started with the handbrake on, and then all won. We must not lose hope; as for the national team, I think it's a leader for them too.

Like all of Naples, things do not turn right now. Lorenzo has always been one who has come out of bad times, as in past years. His motto is to lower his head and work.

We hope that Napoli will resume its journey as we fans expected. I think the Azzurri are a strong team, with a great coach who has won everywhere, I think it was a small period of confusion ”.

Antonio continues to talk about Lorenzo: "How are you? I haven't heard it yet, it will be busy. On yesterday's meeting, I can say that I heard it and it is calm, peaceful. He is available to play anywhere, he is the captain and the first fan, he just wants to play and give it all for everything. He has the desire and enthusiasm to win with Napoli, failing that he suffers a little.

He never spoke to me of the technician, of some comrade, of the environment. Obviously not everyone can think of it in the same way, in any case Insigne puts himself at the disposal of the coach and the team. Sorry that sometimes the bad mood is misrepresented. The fan is still upset, and he too is sweating with that shirt on him ”.

On his tactical position: "Lorenzo has never imposed to want to play in a certain position or to necessarily go down the pitch. As an attacker, he has always expressed himself perfectly, with Benitez, Sarri.

If Ancelotti wants him to play in another form, Lorenzo has never opposed himself, he doesn't play for himself, but for the team. I criticize him for being not very bad in front of goal, he tells me that he doesn't care if he scores goals or assists, he wants to bring the three points home.

Presumptuous? It is not true, he said he is sorry to look like this. Sometimes it is closed and introverted so it may seem arrogant, but it is not. He is humble, he loves being with his family. Sometimes it can react badly, but it is given by the anger of the moment ”.

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