Casarano, Raffaele Santagata dies at 18 years of age due to a serious illness

Casarano, Raffaele Santagata muore a 18 anni per una grave malattia

Raffaele Santagata

LECCE – The world of amateur football is mourning the disappearance of Raffaele Santagata . The young footballer from Casarano , in the province of Lecce, disappeared at the age of 18, a few hours after undergoing a delicate surgery. Left back of Neapolitan origin, Santagata had been hospitalized in critical condition for a few days.

After he began his career in the Arci Scampia, the young man had landed at the Sangiustese from which he then landed last summer at the Casarano. Eight appearances in season between the league and the category cup. In November, the first signs of the disease that cut off his life in just two months. The last update before Christmas, when Giampiero Maci, president of Casarano, revealed: “We are close to him with great affection and we hope to be able to embrace him again as soon as possible. Come on Lello! ".

A few hours ago the tragedy. “A boy whom we only met four months ago leaves us forever – wrote Casarano – but who immediately struck us for his spontaneity, love for sport and for life. Personally I will bring among my most beautiful memories a trip by car from Bari to Casarano when, with great enthusiasm, Lello agreed to join with our company … a trip in which he told me about his short but already intense experience outside his Naples to embrace the dream of becoming a footballer…. I was struck by his extraordinary maturity in spite of his very young age, his passion for this sport and his great curiosity for everything around him … then I will remember his movements on the field as an already experienced footballer … in a few months this unfortunate boy has got to remind us of all unmatched values. To your mom and dad an immense hug from the rossazzurra family! Hi Lello! ".


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