Caputo exceeds 20 league goals and wins a dinner with Del Piero

Ciccio Caputo has reached 21 goals in this Serie A championship. A figure that made him win a bet with Del Piero.

Ciccio Caputo , thanks to the brace scored against Genoa in the 5-0 with which he won Sassuolo, has exceeded twenty league goals . With twenty-one goals scored this season, the Altamura striker has reached 38 goals in two seasons and a half of Serie A (in the first in Bari, 2011, he played only 12 games). Not a bad booty.

But to make the many fans of the Apulian striker smile, it is the bet won by their favorite. Indeed Caputo, with the achievement of 20 goals, won a dinner with Alessandro Del Piero , his idol. The former Juventus player had in fact promised the almost 34-year-old that if he reached 20 goals, they would go to dinner together.

“I am really happy for this goal that I have achieved, it is a personal record and I also believe in all of Sassuolo. Has Del Piero already called me? He promised dinner, I reached my goal, so I wait for news from him, I would never allow myself to call him … ”Caputo's words to Sky Sport after the big victory against Genoa. (source SKY SPORT)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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