Cannavaro acquits De Ligt: “I also struggled a lot at Real Madrid at the beginning”

BEIJING (CHINA) – Fabio Cannavaro "absolves" De Ligt despite his first part of the season with Juventus, all less than exciting.

To explain why, Cannavaro compares his start of experience to Real Madrid to that of the Dutchman in Turin.

Cannavaro arrived at Real Madrid with great pomp, as world champion with Italy in 2006. Shortly thereafter he would also have won the Ballon d'Or after being awarded the best footballer in the World Cup.

Yet its start in Madrid was a nightmare.

Then Cannavaro was able to recover and remained in Spain for a total of three seasons, always playing as owner and winning two badges and a Spanish Super Cup.

Below are the statements made by Cannavaro to Sky Sport.

“When I arrived in Madrid, it was a real nightmare . I found myself inserted in a completely different reality from the Italian one.

In Italy we practice a certain type of football, in Spain we do the opposite. I was used to training that was based on the collective, in Spain we train more individually.

I must say that everything went wrong the first three months, I didn't hit one. But then I went into that kind of football and I did well.

I think exactly the same is happening to De Ligt. He had just returned from an incredible season in Ajax.

In Holland he was born and raised with a certain type of football. He played in the same tactical module from the youth teams. At Juve he found a completely different reality but he will have the opportunity to make up for it. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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