Candreva, red light training with his wife Luna Allegra

MILAN – The coronavirus quarantine of Antonio Candreva and his partner Luna Allegra continues under the banner of training .

Candreva is a professional footballer of Inter who is also on the Italian national team while Luna Allegra, by her own social admission, is a " fitness mom ".

In fact if we go to look at his Instagram profile we notice that the latest posts are all about home training .

In short, between the two it is difficult to establish who is in better shape , both of them take care of the physical aspect in a manic way.

In the case of Candreva it is also normal since we are talking about a professional footballer , the one who steals the eye is his partner …

Few Italian mothers can boast of this physical form that is the result of hours and hours of training sessions in the gym

But passion knows no obstacles, so even in the house Luna manages to keep perfectly fit by combining a lot of physical activity with proper nutrition.

All the social posts of the couple are a success because they receive many likes and comments , but one of these has surpassed them all …

It is a " red light " training that the couple called prohibited to minors under the age of 18 …

In this post, Candreva does the squat but instead of the barbell, she has her partner in her arms

The post is red light because the two are entwined with the perfect b side of Luna Allegra in plain sight …

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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