Calciomercato, the anti-Juve alliance. Il Corriere dello Sport: “Icardi al Napoli, Milik at Roma, Dzeko at Inter”

Mauro Icardi, foto Ansa

Mauro Icardi (photo Ansa)

ROME – How will the summer catchphrase end up? Which torment? Obvious: the Icardi smash. Will he go to Juventus? Will he stay at Inter? Will it go to Rome? At Naples? No one at the moment can know. The Corriere dello Sport, however, dares the last possible hypothesis. The last possible hypothesis is more or less like this: Icardi al Napoli, Milik at Roma, Dzeko at Inter.

Napoli, Inter and Roma, according to Corriere dello Sport, all three are looking for a striker but all three do not intend to reinforce Juventus. And then? And so here is the solution on the horizon. Solution that Andrea Ramazzotti of Corriere dello Sport tells:

"Naples, Inter and Rome had never been so close and united by the adventures of the transfer campaign: they are all looking for a striker, they all need a 9 to try to fill the gap with the Bianconeri who in turn aim to buy a striker. And for this reason, the Azzurri, the Nerazzurri and the Giallorossi could think of setting up a round of strikers to leave Juventus without the reinforcement for the offensive department. Icardi under the Vesuvius, Dzeko at the Pinetina and Milik in the Capital: here is the maxi operation that could please everyone (less Paratici …) and that would move quite a few millions ".

Will it really end up like this? All that remains is to wait.

Source: Il Corriere dello Sport.

The Calciomercato article , the anti-Juve alliance. The Corriere dello Sport: "Icardi at Napoli, Milik at Roma, Dzeko at Inter" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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