Calciomercato Rome, Nkoulou is approaching: Taurus does not let him play. Rugani still in the viewfinder. Coric greets

Calciomercato Roma Nkoulou Rugani importanti indizi dal campionato

Petrachi wants to please Fonseca on the transfer market, the coach wants another defender (photo Ansa)

ROME – The championship offers important transfer market indications. Torino has decided to do without Nkoulou to launch Bonifazi from the first minute. Behind this choice there would not only be turnover but a will to sell the French defender in the last hours of the transfer market. Roma has been looking for it since July and is in pole position to get to the central Turin fort. The Giallorossi need a central defender at all costs and for this reason they also leave the negotiation for Juventus Rugani open.

Let's start with the negotiation for Nkoulou because it is the warmest one. Rome is planning to take it with a loan (one speaks of five million euros) plus a redemption to be fixed at 15 or 20 million euros. These figures are slightly lower than those of the Rugani affair with Juventus.

The negotiation with the Bianconeri was complicated because Alessio Riccardi refused the transfer to Turin (his likes to the Roma fans who asked him to stay were an explanatory clue from this point of view). Without Riccardi, a footballer that Juve wanted strongly, the deal was terribly complicated.

Roma are trying to reopen it by offering Juventus cash plus the cards of three young players from the former Giallorossi's spring team. These are Celar, Gozzi and D'Orazio. Of these three, only Celar is of interest to the Bianconeri. At this point, Rome to take Rugani should offer a substantial cash plus the young Celar's tag. A difficult but not impossible transfer market operation.

Fonseca wants a defender and reiterated it strongly at the press conference before the Roma-Genoa match. The Portuguese coach perfectly described the characteristics of the central defender of his dreams: "I was clear with the manager Petrachi. He knows perfectly what I want and what we need. Buying so much to buy is of no use. We need a central defender who is ready, experienced and has already played internationally. We need a profile like that to complete the squad, if we can't get there it's better not to take anything because as I just said, it's no good buying so much to buy ”.

Meanwhile, Roma is also working on the outgoing transfer market and is about to finalize the sale of Coric to the Almeria. There is talk of a loan with a ransom in favor of the Spaniards set at seven million euros.

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