Calciomercato Rome, for Rugani Juventus wants 5 million for the loan plus 20 for the ransom

Daniele Rugani, Ansa

Daniele Rugani (photo Ansa)

ROME – Daniele Rugani is not part of the plans of Maurizio Sarri and Juventus . This is now a certain fact. Now we need to see if Juventus will succeed in placing the defender. Defender on which Rome has been interested for weeks. Rome, however, does not seem willing to accept, at least for now, the demands of Juventus. Requests that in recent days have fallen to 5 million for the loan plus 20 million for the ransom.

At Rome, however , as market expert Alfredo Pedullà tells. other players would have been proposed for the role, but they do not fully convince the Petrachi ds. To know the future of Rugani, you will not have to wait beyond the start of next week, whether or not the deal with the Giallorossi should go through.

But on Rugani, as Tuttosport explains, there is not only Rome:

"Of course, in Villar the boy seemed a little more resentful, but there are no particular explanations for what everyone considers the necessary and inevitable goal: the sale of Rugani. And as the more days pass and the market expires, the transfer can be imminent. First and foremost, the Juventus club, which by mutual agreement with the defender, will choose the perfect destination. Three cities in the running, three thick companies, three realities in which objectively the power station could find the ideal oasis for a quick rebirth: Rome (the Giallorossi side), Montecarlo (Monaco) and Barcelona ”.

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