Calciomercato Rome, Agent Taison: “This week is defined”

Calciomercato Roma Taison in settimana si definisce

Taison at the press conference, could be the next transfer market in Rome (photo Ansa)

ROME – Diego Perotti risks remaining out of injury for two months and Rome needs a replacement. For this reason Petrachi moved immediately on the transfer market and would have identified Taison as the perfect Argentine substitute.

Diego Dornelles, Taison's agent, spoke exclusively to the microphones of to talk about this transfer market operation that would bring the Brazilian to the capital.

"There is interest and the fact that in Rome there is Fonseca helps a lot – his words -. There have been contacts but things remain to be defined ”. "This week is defined" "Figures of the transfer market operation? We haven't talked about it yet but in fact there is the possibility that the deal will be done ”.

Obviously, the first sponsor of this transfer market operation is Fonseca himself. The Portuguese coach has trained Taison during his experience on the Shakhtar Donetsk bench and would gladly take him with him in this new chapter of his coaching career in Rome.

At the end of Roma-Genoa 3-3, Fonseca analyzed the performance of his team with extreme clarity. Out of respect for his players, Fonseca did not talk about transfers, but merely analyzed what did not work last night at the Olimpico.

"We started very well in the first fifteen minutes, the problems arrived in the defensive phase and not in the offensive one, where we did well: we should have controlled the depth of the attacking opponents". Interviewed by Dazn in the Roma-Genoa dopopartita, the Giallorossi coach Paul Fonseca did not go.

"We have almost always played in the other half – explains -. Genoa have been good at hitting, and when they concede three goals it is difficult to win. We must find balance. Such as? Analyzing the performance and trying to improve it. We have done so much forward, but we need more attention in defense ”(source and Ansa).

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