Calciomercato, Parma-Liverani here we are. Corini-Lecce is official

In Italy the transfer market of coaches is going crazy. Liverani one step away from Parma, Corini at Lecce is official.

Not only that of the players but also the transfer market of the coaches comes alive. Parma is one step away from Liverani while Lecce has made Corini official.

Liverani and Lecce left very badly after the relegation of the Apulian company to Serie B. Both sides were immediately consoled.

Lecce has appointed Corini, a coach who wants to relaunch himself after the negative experience with Brescia in Serie A while Liverani has moved up a level since he is one step away from Parma, a mid-table club in the top flight.

Liverani has taken the ball because Parma has closed any kind of relationship with the coach D'Aversa.

D'Aversa would have decided to terminate the contract with Parma because he would not have received the reassurance he expected on the transfer market.

In fact, D'Aversa would have liked a qualitative leap after some mid-table championships but obviously Parma do not want to take the longest step at home.

Liverani was hired to replicate what D'Aversa has done in recent years. The situation is different for Corini, the former Brescia coach has the duty to bring the Salento players back to Serie A (source: Il Corriere dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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