Calciomercato Napoli, Icardi: the strategy of De Laurentiis and the request of Inter

Calciomercato Napoli Icardi De Laurentiis strategia

Icardi celebrates after scoring a goal with Inter. It could be the next transfer market in Naples (photo Ansa)

NAPLES – Napoli wants Mauro Icardi. He also wanted it two years ago to replace Gonzalo Higuain after the sale of Pipita to Juventus. Now the bell company has the knife on the side of the handle. Icardi wanted Juventus but was resigned after the Juventus club veered decisively towards Romelu Lukaku.

De Laurentiis , as a strategist of the transfer market, has shown that he is aware of the situation (or Icardi's preference for the Bianconeri) and now that things have turned in his favor he is ready to buy it but only on his terms.

Also because Inter, which asks for 80 million euros for the card of Mauro Icardi, has to deal with reality and with the real value of the Argentine who in the last year has hardly ever taken the field.

Calciomercato, De Laurentiis has prepared the Icardi deal for a long time.

At the beginning of the market, De Laurentiis deliberately came out in the open for Icardi, expressing his interest publicly but also making him understand that he was annoyed by the preference of the Argentine for the Bianconeri colors. Here is what the patron of Naples said: "Meeting between me and Wanda Nara? It's a colossal nonsense, Wanda Nara I met her three years ago and I have no intention of meeting her again. Icardi is not part of our current needs, I asked him three years ago when we needed it and then Sarri was good at inventing Mertens first point ".

"You can't ignore his talent, he talked so much about it that he looks older than 26 years old. Seen from the outside it seems to have been badly managed, it has not grasped the importance of the role it plays. Icardi is very strong, the consideration towards him is indisputable but he will always want to go to Juventus. And anyway, as Ancelotti said, I keep Insigne ".

With these statements, De Laurentiis wanted to put dots on i. That is, I want to take Icardi but I want to do it on my own terms since I am considered a second choice compared to Juventus. So, now that the Bianconeri have downloaded Icardi to jump on Lukaku, Napoli is in a strong position on the transfer market because the Argentine cannot shoot absurd requests for engagement and, at the same time, Inter, which has no other real buyers, can't shoot 80 million euros for a footballer who is obviously redundant.

On Icardi there would also be Roma but the Argentine considers Napoli his first choice because he is looking for redemption in a club that plays in the Champions League and that has concrete possibilities to fight for the championship.

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