Calciomercato Napoli, Icardi change their jersey number at Inter and Wanda Nara launches a social clue …

Calciomercato Napoli Icardi indizio Wanda Nara maglia numero 7 Inter

Icardi with the Inter shirt, could stay with the Nerazzurri, refusing to transfer transfers to Napoli (photo Ansa)

MILAN – After months of controversy, but also of nothing, the Icardi case could end with an unexpected ending. The Argentine footballer, who the logic would like to see elsewhere since he is out of the pink and since he needs to play to revive his career and to regain the national team, could decide to stay at Inter. Or at least that's what transpires from his choice to move house in Milan and from the social clue launched by Wanda Nara.

The companion and agent of Mauro Icardi has posted a photo on Instagram in the company of the other wags (wives and girlfriends of Inter players) with the following caption: "Another year together". The interpretations are not so difficult, Wanda Nara would have communicated, between the lines, her and Icardi's decision to remain still in Milan honoring the contract with the Nerazzurri. Meanwhile, the Argentine, "evicted" from jersey number 9 (assigned to Lukaku), decided to choose 7 as his new shirt number.

Calciomercato Napoli, a break between Icardi and Inter: the Argentine goes sideways and stays in Milan where he will be paid handsomely for not playing.

All this because Icardi would not have liked the behavior of Inter that would have forced him to accept the transfers to Rome (then faded for the renewal of Dzeko) and Naples . The Argentine striker would have left the Nerazzurri club only for Juventus. Icardi had given his word to Paratici last March, when he had already finished on the fringes of Inter's technical project, and would like to honor it to the last. So while Inter orders "O Napoli, o niente", Icardi makes wall responding "O Juventus, or nothing".

From here it would have matured his decision to stay at Inter, paid for not playing. Even if in his heart there would be the conviction to convince Antonio Conte to bet on him again. Also because football is unpredictable. What would Conte do in case of Lukaku's injury and Lautaro Martinez with a paycheck? In short, Maurito does not want to leave the Nerazzurri to move to Naples and will do everything to convince his new coach to focus on him.

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