Calciomercato Napoli, Cavani courted by Ancelotti: “I would like to train”

Calciomercato Napoli, Cavani corteggiato da Ancelotti: "Vorrei allenarlo"

Calciomercato Napoli, Cavani courted by Ancelotti: "I would like to train" (Ansa)

NAPLES – First Chievo and then the Red Star. In three days the Napoli is played the chance to continue the race in the league close to Juventus and its future in Europe. Carlo Ancelotti is aware that the season enters a crucial phase and confirms it to Radio Kiss Kiss's microphones: "It's a decisive moment for the season. So far, things have gone well, but we need a further effort, we must be ready. Passing the Champions League round would be a great result ".

The Azzurri fans continue to dream of the Scudetto. "For now it is early, we must work – observes Ancelotti – and show our full potential. Later we will see where we will be. Of course I have a competitive staff, a quality group and a club that is building important things. In Naples there is a beautiful family. The Scudetto is a dream for us and it is not a utopia. Utopias are impossible, dreams can be realized … ". There is much talk of the market and the return of Cavani. De Laurentiis said that the operation could go to port if Cavani will settle for an annual salary of 6/7 million.

"We have a well-framed corporate structure – observes the technician – and very efficient in the market that moves well. Giuntoli follows all the interesting profiles and we monitor every possibility. as for Cavani, I did not train him. Never say never. I like to train good players. He is good ". In the last days there is also a lot of talk about Var and there is not too much controversy.

"The Var – says Ancelotti – we need to perfect it and maybe use it a little more. I do not know if a call in time could serve. There is a willingness to use it a little more, then like all new things we need to have experience in the application. There has been some negative episode, in the end the decision is always the referee. I would like it if the technology was also used in the Champions League, even if the UEFA poses the question that we need all highly experienced referees. But from the last eight they are only expert referees ". The Neapolitan technician seems more and more convinced that he was right to accept the proposal of De Laurentiis to train Napoli.

'The city – he says is beautiful, I'm very well here and I want to build something important. Here I found a strong but above all united group. There is a healthy, peaceful environment and you work very well with an ambitious company. With the president we get along with everything, we are practically 'in love'. We also talk about other topics, besides football, and there is perfect harmony. It is not just me who chose Naples, but it was also the Naples that chose me. If the president wanted to take another coach, I would not be here now. Naples is an extraordinary city that gives so many motivations. In reality, despite having lived in large European capitals, only those who live in Naples can understand the difference between this beautiful city and all the others. This is a unique and special environment that gives me stimulation and enthusiasm ".

From the pleasure of living in Naples to the fight against the racist choirs, the pace is short and Ancelotti has already taken a decisive stance in this regard. "Yes, I confirm it. If the fans – concludes the technician – persist in enacting discriminatory or offensive choirs, we must take action, even at the cost of stopping and suspending the game. Football has other values ​​that it must transmit ".

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